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Oliver North, July 12, Additionally, our Science, Education and Public Policy Department evaluates and coordinates research initiatives with students and scientists from different institutions that work in the natural areas we protect. Colombia is undergoing a internal "dirty" civil war. His staff and friends redactedthey were drug smugglers or involved in drug smuggling. This motion drew media coverage in but, at the request of the Justice Department, a federal judge issued a gag order barring any discussion of the matter. Apart from your clothing, please remember to bring your prescription drugs if you need them. Most of the natural areas we manage have been acquired by the Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico along its four decades in existence. The personal observation of the author is this: CIA shared what information it had--specifically on Meneses' drug trafficking in Nicaragua--with U. At various times the intelligence community inserted itself in that legal process. The San Francisco Frogmen: Share this page with your friends! Criminal organizations are perfect allies in a covert operation. We are currently working to offer you self-guided tours in the near future. And, although the typical crack user is white, inconvenient facts haven't stopped the media from scapegoating blacks as the locus of the drug scourge. CIA alliances in Haiti. And we found that absolutely astonishing. A war of attrition clearly has its place: At that point, the fall of the Bolivan government to narco-fascism was inevitable: Government] and so he is the horse we chose to ride. Looking back on it, I feel that I could have given Al Capone a few hints. In addition to those servicing the Meneses-Blandon operation detailed by the Mercury News, and Noriega's operation, there was CIA operative John Hull, whose farms along Costa Rica's border with Nicaragua were the main staging area for the contras. Wars are functionally the result of economic questions being answered with violence. It was an open secret. The team reviewedpages of documents and conducted over interviews, most under oath, including current and former CIA employees, other current and former U. The articles also reported that major narcotics trafficker Norwin Meneses had a relationship with the Contras, that CIA or others had hampered the criminal investigation of Meneses and that a relative of Meneses alleged that Meneses had financed the Contras. And it's a problem which really has to be understood by this committee. That's the way of covert action and warfare. Indeed you were right. Neighborhoods were destabilized, men were killed off, incarcerated and marginalized, whites were alienated from blacks via the War-on-Drugs propaganda machine. In the spring ofJohn Mattes, a former Miami-based Federal Public Defender, began working with Senator John Kerry's office to investigate the contra drug connection. The IG's page report holds many revelations; however, it is was originally a page document. For more information, please call Please leave this blank. It is impossible to read Hitz's report and not conclude that this was the case. In an e-mail and later declassified memo, Lt. Some of this money has gone into numbered accounts in Europe and Panama, as does the money that goes to Managua from cocaine trafficking. Whether or not you feel this was more than mere coincidence, the subsequent rise to power of the Bolivian-based La Corporacion cocaine cartel was contemporaneous with the incipient CIA-backed Contra war in Nicaragua. What is Para la Naturaleza and what does it do? Joseph Conrad wrote about the Congo in the novella "Heart of Darkness. Bueso might start "singing songs nobody wants to hear" about the Contras. With backing from the Argentinean military and the CIA, and the Bolivian government belonging to the drug lords, the volume of cocaine coming out of Bolivia sky-rocketed. People would call the Customs office and say, "Stand down. Manuel Noriega's participation in the contra supply network, which opened the door to at least seven pilots who trafficked in drugs while supplying arms to the contras. The objective was to build the canal as property of the U. Blandon says he met Ross inbegan selling him cocaine in and stopped in More than half of Colombia's principalities are controlled by indigenous rebel forces FARC, ELN who partially fund themselves through taxation of coca, opium and marijuana production. In addition to his evidence that the CIA had thwarted DEA anti-drug efforts in BurmaHorn alleges that he was lied to, electronically surveilledand finally kicked out of Burma - not by the narco-fascist Burmese government but by U. Government officials, as well as private citizens and foreign nationals. And as you'll recall -- press accounts have said it, the government has made this public -- so I'm not saying anything that's classified, Noriega was on our payroll. Then-President Arias was acting on recommendations from a Costa Rican congressional commission investigating drug trafficking. And maybe you can give me and maybe we would both agree that there is some dreadful circumstance where this should have occurred and been allowed to occur and so on, and I probably could be convinced in the right set of circumstances. Attorney's Office because of Zavala's claim that the money belonged to the Contras. Our native tree nurseries produce more than 60, trees annually, and they are all available for sale. And I started to say, when DEA allows a controlled delivery of drugs, there is a furious debate. Government databases as a center of operations for it's drug trafficking owners. He met Blandon in and claims to have become the largest Los Angeles cocaine dealer before ever meeting Blandon.

Buy Cocaine Las Cabezas de San Juan

However, with limited staff and resources, we simply cannot respond to all who write to us. Flights are coming in. Wars go better with coke How widespread was the trafficking? Blandon says he met Norwin Meneses inand Meneses supplied him with cocaine to sell from then until when they had a dispute. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefits of Wall Street To contact the Central Intelligence Agency click here. In the case of Angola, the recounting of the CIA's involvement there is revealing. Federal and local drug-enforcement agencies investigated this Contra drug ring. Oliver North, July 12, If you look at a U. Chile, Bolivia, Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua all have endured a sad history of their misfortunate inhabitants suffering at the blood-thirsty hands of U. The Contra drug-running was part of the vast Iran-Contra affair that mushroomed during the Reagan administration, whereby various Contra supporters known CIA assets and Contra leaders were found to have heavy ties to drug couriers, middlemen and the major cartels. At various times the intelligence community inserted itself in that legal process. They'll do anything I want for money. A synopsis of the Kerry Report highlights the drug-related findings. Covert war is still war, and covert warriors make logical military choices; the USA has a habit of expanding its influence with whatever means are most convenient. And according to Parry, there was yet another drug ring in L. A group of U. This is the pattern we see from the simple economic reality that wars have some economic basis control of commodity production, as is the case with illicit narcoticsand it is beneficial in the course of warfare to gain influence and control in Latin America through coca production. In the 's this meant cocaine producers routed their product through the privileged CIA-protected La Corporacion-Cali-Noriega-Contra coke pipeline, with a commensurate increase in volume and drop in prices more on that below. Enter the War on Drugs: If you are human, leave this field blank. Federal and local drug-enforcement agencies investigated this Contra drug ring. The problem is, there's a fall-out from covert protection of narcotics pipelines. Based upon the information available to them at the time, CIA personnel reached the erroneous conclusion that one of the two individuals who was to be deposed was a former CIA asset. Seagrass beds are also primary feeding grounds for both sea turtles and the Antillean Manatee. A war of attrition clearly has its place: However, he says this belief is based solely on what he has learned from the media. Oliver North 's operations, said, "It is common knowledge here in Miami that this whole Contra operation was paid for with cocaine. That I found to be terribly troubling, and it's a matter that you all should be looking at very carefully. Visit the Participate section of our website to see our complete event calendar and make your reservations today! I testified about it in a closed session of the Foreign Relations Committee in In each case, one or another agency of the U. The response of the Honduran military was to allow a mob to burn down a portion of the U. Some of this money has gone into numbered accounts in Europe and Panama, as does the money that goes to Managua from cocaine trafficking. Looking back on it, I feel that I could have given Al Capone a few hints. But its worse than that.

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